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Calendar: Scrapyard Lullabies, Foster Gallery, Dedham, MA

November 1 - December  12, 2018
Foster Gallery, Noble & Greenough School
10 Campus Drive, Dedham, MA

Now I'm down in the junk on a darkened day
Searching through the prizes others throw away
Like a walking translation on a street of lies
Singing this scrapyard lullaby
- Chris Whitley

The otherworldly bluesman Chris Whitley, our modern-day Robert Johnson, ten years gone at the age of 45, wrote that. He went to high school in Bellows Falls, the Vermont mill town where my studio is located.

There are ghosts in Bellows Falls. You never see them straight on, but you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye as the sun is setting, or hear their voices in the metal-on-metal as a freight train rolls by.

I travel a lot, by train when I can. There are a lot of ghosts out there. Some of them don’t even know they’re ghosts yet. They are very proud of the places they haunt, down by the dead mills, the rusty tracks, the deserted scrapyards, and with good reason: these places are beautiful.

So think of this show as a suite of songs. I sing these songs to them, but also to myself, and to you. You may not know precisely what I mean, but I hope you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Thanks for listening.

- Charlie Hunter, Bellows Falls, VT

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