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Calendar: Workshop - Putney, VT, 5/24-26, 2019


Come paint Vermont as Charlie Hunter sees it! Three days immersed in the Vermont landscape of small towns, working farms and the evanescent tragedy of post-pastoral, post-industrial New England. Three days to ponder a new perspective about why we choose to paint what we do and - if we wish - to try out some new techniques! In this fast-moving, wide-ranging workshop, Charlie Hunter will lead a class focusing on his unique approach to painting and sense of composition when painting from life. Hunter will start with a morning painting demonstration using his limited-palette, carefully-observed technique. After a lunch break, the class will then concentrate on their own paintings. At the end of the day, participants will gather with their work for spirited critique and discussion.

“Charlie Hunter has the uncanny ability to seize upon the most ordinary things, and transform them with his brush into bewitching jewels of design and artistic perception.”  — Richard Schmid, 2017

“Hunter’s paintings are simultaneously soft and crisp; through his flawless perspective and the accuracy of his shadows, we almost get an impression of photo-realism. But look for just a moment longer, and you see the grace of his brushstrokes, a feeling of haze, of human-handedness. The technical skill is sharp, but the tenor of the work is as ethereal and mysterious and reverberating as our emotions and our memories.”  – Christy Woods, ARTSCOPE

10 am to 5 pm each day, $525.00, limit 14 students.
Recommended for intermediate to advanced students.
Shane Harris, field assistant

To register, please email, call 802-246-7742 or visit the Village Arts of Putney website.

Materials List:
Bring the materials you like and are most comfortable with - there is no need to be painting in Hunter’s style unless one wishes to. Be prepared to paint outdoors, generally out of the back of one’s car.

If you are interested in emulating Hunter’s techniques, this is his basic “rig”:

SURFACES: Blank prepared surfaces (Hunter recommends Masterpiece “Santa Cruz” series linen panels, or Fredrix Mixed-Media Paint Boards - cotton surface, Series #70005-70011). Do not bring low-quality canvasboards. Suggested size - anywhere from 8x10 to 12x18 or 18x24 - entirely student preference.

BRUSHES: Hunter uses a range of synthetic brights and flats (such as Rosemary Evergreens and Ivories, Princeton Aspen, Simply Simmons or Dynasty Black Silver), a ‘rigger’ and a couple of 1.5”-2” wide inexpensive hog-bristle brushes from the hardware store.

ARTIST COLORS: Hunter uses "Cobra" solvent-free oils (made by Royal Talens).
Raw Umber and/or Van Dyke Brown - These are Hunter’s base colors. It is possible to have a fine time at this workshop with solely one of these tubes of oil.
Other Cobra colors Hunter uses regularly include:
Transparent Oxide Red
Ultramarine Blue
Titanium Buff
Transparent Oxide Yellow
(choose one) Permanent Green Deep, Chromium Green, Olive Green

MEDIUMS: Water-mixable Safflower Oil or water mixable Linseed Oil (W-N ‘Artisan or Lukas Berlin) as a 'fat' medium. Cobra #93 Quick-Dry Medium is useful as well, and is the only water-mixable quick-dry medium Hunter recommends.

- Coffee can or bowl for water (no styrofoam cups!), clip-on palette cups, Palette knives.
- Mark-making tools: Original Stim-U-Dents, 6” Ettore brass-handled window squeegee, Q-tips, hand-held spray bottle, toothbrush, etc.
- Roll of paper towels (Bounty or Viva; Hunter prefers Bounty) and trash receptacle.

Portable plein-air easel (Hunter uses a Soltek, but many brands and designs are available)

Sketchbook (suggest wire-bound, hard-cover, 8.5x11" or larger)
3H or 4H pencil (a range of pencil hardnesses is fun, but harder-than-you'd-think leads are helpful for our purposes)
Eraser (kneaded, gum, whatever your preference)
Manual pencil sharpener

A note:
Hopefully we will have three days of good weather. However, should rain threaten, we need a contingency plan. If class participants have a sketchbook with plein-air field sketches, please bring it, as that is ideal. If you do not, bring a few photographs (though Hunter doesn’t really approve. If you want to drive him really batty, bring an iPad and try drawing from that, he dares you).

Planned itinerary:
Friday - paint in Putney (quaint, rural)
Saturday - paint in Bellows Falls (small town, post-industrial)
Sunday - paint at a Harlow Farm (organic farm), then return to Village Arts