CHARLIE HUNTER hunter-studio CHARLIE HUNTER hunter-studio

Scottsdale, AZ, 1/24-27, 2022

Why, you might ask, is there a picture of Studio Cat Corduroy sitting in her favorite Chewy box gracing the top of this page? Why not? we would retort. Corduroy really hopes you will take this class. She gets pretty sick of Charlie.

Charlie Hunter

From Photograph to Painting: Sharpening Your Value and Drawing Skills to Create Memorable Artwork

“Color gets the credit, but value does the work!” It’s a phrase you have probably heard before, but what does it mean? During this intensive four-day workshop, dive into the world of values with master-of-the-limited-palette, Charlie Hunter. Using photographic images as a starting point, this class will focus on how to make values work to build stronger paintings. Students will work with Hunter as he guides them through creating value drawings from personal photographs - an often-overlooked step that pays off in spades! Then, with these drawings as one’s stepping stone, students will be able to develop memorable and dynamic paintings. By simplifying forms and emphasizing composition, student’s work can take on a power that will truly make it stand out.
Multiple demos by Hunter will show how he goes about creating his award-winning work. Students are sure to leave this class laughing, challenged, and armed with an arsenal of pointers and tools to strengthen their painting and create the best work of their life.

To register for this class or for more information, please contact The Scottsdale Artists School at 800-333-5707, 480-990-1422.